Heat Drying

Heat drying is a unique drying system that combines innovative and conventional technology in order to dramatically improve the drying process of a structure that has been saturated as a result of a water loss.
This method combines controlled heat and airflow to produce high-speed evaporation, which dramatically reduces the drying time and minimizes the need for demolition and reconstruction after the dry-down is complete.
This drying method will dry most water losses including carpet, padding, hardwood flooring, walls and substrates in fewer than 48 hours. Heat drying also minimizes microbial growth and structural damage.

“CSC returned to the site after two days following the installation of the drying system and observed that the effected walls were dry, reducing the need for demolition and reconstruction, thereby enabling the client to remain on schedule…”

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*The photo above shows the temp of the carpet reaches well over 141 degrees causing for a faster rate of evaporation drying the carpet in hours, not days.

The photo above shows how our heat system can penetrate deep into the walls allowing us to dry walls with out baseboard removal.