Robert Crawley Testimonial

A general contractor requested that CSC perform a moisture survey following a catastrophic water loss at a local valley hospital and verify building materials were free of visible mold at the end of the project. In the area of the loss, building materials were wet from the floor to the deck above. Wall cavities were insulated preventing the effectiveness of traditional drying methods.

Typically, CSC would request the removal of one side of the wall and the subsequent insulation followed by drying with air movers and dehumidifiers of the remaining building materials. However, the affected rooms were a finished product and the contractor did not want to fall behind schedule, therefore, AM/PM was contracted by the client and requested to dry the materials in place if possible. To accomplish this, AM/PM utilized a hear injection drying system within the affected wall. A series of small holes were drilled to inject hoses that were attached to the heat drying system and several exhaust holes were cut at the top of the wall cavity above the t-grid ceiling.

CSC returned to the site after two days following the installation of the drying system and observed that the affected walls were dry, reducing the need for demolition and reconstruction. The contractor only had minor touch-up repairs to make, thereby enabling the client to remain on schedule.

I would highly recommend AM/PM and the use of their heat injection drying system where time and/or business disruptions are of concern.

Robert E. Crawley, CIEC
Clark Seif Clark, Inc.
1553 W. Todd Drive, Suite 201
Tempe, AZ 85283

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