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At AM/PM, safety is our number one priority

Restoration and abatement work is what we do. We do it because we care about people, and helping them recover after their property has been ravaged by a devastating event. Although we specialize in a wide variety of disaster recovery services, ranging from water damage mitigation to biohazard cleanup, there is one common factor that is consistent in every service we perform, this factor is Safety.

backmaskingCountless lives have ended and numerous injuries have occurred on construction and renovation projects because safety procedures were overlooked or just ignored. At AM/PM our top priority is safety because our employees and our customers are invaluable to us.

Because of this commitment, AM/PM provides continuous training and education to our employees, as well as our clients, in order to ensure that safe practices are understood and applied in the field; and as a result, all OSHA and EPA regulations are strictly adhered to. By doing so, our recovery teams will remove unnecessary hazards that would occur as a result of improper procedures, causing additional damage, and potentially posing a threat to the occupants of the property or our workers.

Each of our technicians has earned an OSHA 10 hour training certificate, and each of our Supervisors, holds an OSHA 30 hour certification. All of our disaster recovery teams are well versed in EPA and OSHA regulations, and arrive to a job-site well prepared, equipped with all required (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment, not only for our staff to maintain compliance, but to ensure that your project and your team will maintain OSHA compliance. After all, we are an extension of our building partners, when working on their project, and we must work together to ensure the safety of everyone at the job-site.


The many ways we keep you and our employees safe:

  • Asbestos samples are taken prior to any demolition or renovation of structural materials, regardless of the age of a building, in order to avoid unnecessary exposure of asbestos fibers to our workers and occupants of the building.

  • Mold, asbestos, and biohazard damage is contained appropriately in order to avoid cross-contamination of other unaffected areas of a property. Only certified technicians conduct remediation procedures using the proper engineering controls and always wearing their PPE when performing abatement work.

  • AM/PM technicians working on commercial construction sites arrive wearing their hard hats, protective eyewear, vest, and work boots. They come prepared with the appropriate tools and adhering to their client’s safety procedures, in addition to AM/PM’s own Safety Program.

  • By adhering to OSHA and EPA regulations and safety requirements and following IICRC Industry Standards for remediation and restoration, AM/PM technicians will eliminate the potential for additional or secondary damage from occurring, as a result of incorrect practices.

The impact of our commitment and adherence to safety practices and federal regulations is significant. It will afford you security and piece of mind, knowing that we have your best interests at hand. When you call AM/PM to address your emergency, we will remove the hazards, repair the damage, safeguard the property, and restore the building to its pre-existing condition; and, we will do so by keeping everyone involved safe.

If you have any questions about our safety procedures or would like to learn more about our restoration services, please call us at 833-405-2676.

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