Brent Wittke Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this, you are in the process of evaluating/considering using AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services for your property(ies). Seeing as how their services are typically rendered during times of considerable stress it is important to make the decision to use them before chaos ensues.

As a fire sprinkler contractor, I have had my share of unfortunate experiences that have led to water damage, and the opportunity to work with several Water Damage Restoration companies in the State of AZ. Response time, expertise, technical ability, and pricing, are some of the items that concern me. Of all the provider we have used, AM/PM has performed exceptionally well in all areas, by doing so, has earned their place as a strategic market partner with Western States Fire Protection. They are the only ones we call when the water begins to fall.

They guarantee a 4 hour response time. In our experiences with them, (there have been too many), they have never taken more than 1 hour to respond and begin immediate mitigation.

Field competency is unequaled, they do not just send people that and demo and clean, the individuals that arrive are well trained in the field and are armed with specific knowledge that provided for immediate relief/reassurance that the situation will be handled discreetly, quickly, accurately, and above all, professionally.

Technical ability:
Armed with an impressive array of industry specific instruments, they have been able to detect extent of water spread/damage without extensive destructive exploration. Every time we have used them we have saved money vs. traditional damage detection methods. This has saved us and our clients thousands in rebuilding costs.

There were several experiences early on in our relationship that they, without direct compensation, provided me with cost estimates on damage repairs that we had already evoked other restoration contractors on. In every incidence, their pricing was in-line or less expensive than that of their competition. This is a win-win for Western States and their clients, as we feel that we get exceptional service at a better price.

I hope this testimonial will aid in your decision making process.

Brent Wittke
Director of Business Development

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