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The Weitz Company
To Whom It May Concern,

When I was asked to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of AM/PM Water Damage Restoration I was thrilled to do so. Not a better subcontractor I have in my “Arsenal” than these hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable professionals. As a commercial builder I deal with multiple subcontractors who, by the nature of their business, expose my buildings to potential water damage. Try as we may to prevent material and or installation failure, resulting in water exposure, it still on occasion can and does occur. For the last 4 years AM/PM has been there for me every time I’ve needed them.
I first worked with AM/PM at a high rise we built. A tile subcontractor accessed a room that was locked, began filling a 5 gallon bucket with water, and of all things, left for the weekend while the bucket was filling! 13 floors down 3 units wide were flooded before it was discovered. AM/PM was on site in 30 minutes and within a matter of hours was equipped with personnel and equipment to begin the extensive mitigation process.
I have also had the staff at AM/PM out on various projects. From 2 hour clean-up jobs to over night monitoring during a rain storm. No matter my need AM/PM is always there when I need them.
It’s an interesting love-hate relationship builders have with a water mitigation company. We’re glad when they show up but even happier when they leave. I truly mean it when I say I hope to never see them again after a clean up. Once you learn just who AM/PM is on a personal level you’ll truly appreciate that friendship you will have with every staff member.
There is not another water mitigation company I would trust with my projects, owners, or owner’s reps. AM/PM are a big part of our team on any project. Though we may never need their services I have peace of mind knowing they will be there when I need them.
You’ll do well hiring/contracting AM/PM. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have.

Davey O’Dell
Assistant Project Superintendent
The Weitz Company
5555 E. Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ 85008
602.319.3746 – Cell
602.225.0225 – Office

Davey O’Dell Assistant Project Superintendant

Western States Fire Protection Co
To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this, you are in the process of evaluating/considering using AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services for your property(ies). Seeing as how their services are typically rendered during times of considerable stress it is important to make the decision to use them before chaos ensues.

As a fire sprinkler contractor, I have had my share of unfortunate experiences that have led to water damage, and the opportunity to work with several Water Damage Restoration companies in the State of AZ. Response time, expertise, technical ability, and pricing, are some of the items that concern me. Of all the provider we have used, AM/PM has performed exceptionally well in all areas, by doing so, has earned their place as a strategic market partner with Western States Fire Protection. They are the only ones we call when the water begins to fall.

They guarantee a 4 hour response time. In our experiences with them, (there have been too many), they have never taken more than 1 hour to respond and begin immediate mitigation.

Field competency is unequaled, they do not just send people that and demo and clean, the individuals that arrive are well trained in the field and are armed with specific knowledge that provided for immediate relief/reassurance that the situation will be handled discreetly, quickly, accurately, and above all, professionally.

Technical ability:
Armed with an impressive array of industry specific instruments, they have been able to detect extent of water spread/damage without extensive destructive exploration. Every time we have used them we have saved money vs. traditional damage detection methods. This has saved us and our clients thousands in rebuilding costs.

There were several experiences early on in our relationship that they, without direct compensation, provided me with cost estimates on damage repairs that we had already evoked other restoration contractors on. In every incidence, their pricing was in-line or less expensive than that of their competition. This is a win-win for Western States and their clients, as we feel that we get exceptional service at a better price.

I hope this testimonial will aid in your decision making process.

Brent Wittke
Director of Business Development

Brent WittkeDirector of Business Development

The Weitz Company
In the past five years I have had the pleasure of doing business with AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services numerous times. Their professionals always have the proper equipment and expertise necessary to handle the worst possible flood related damage imaginable. Regardless of the time of day, their response has always been quick, and with a definite purpose; to minimize property damage due to water.

The alternative to their help would have been costly water and mold damage causing lost revenue due to downtime to our facility and tenants. Their well coordinated efforts have never disappointed us. In every instance, their fee was fair and reasonable.

John Mastorakis
Facility Engineer
Westgate City Center

Davey O’Dell Assistant Project Superintendant

Webb & Greer Insurance Agency Inc.
To Whom It May Concern,

What an honor it is to recommend AM PM Water Damage Restoration Services as one of the premiere restoration contractors in the state of Arizona. As an insurance agency we are so confident in the abilities of AM PM that we recommend them as one of our preferred restoration contractors. When one of our clients calls in with an emergency situation, we can confidently refer them to AM PM every time!

We know that when our customer calls Rita, Vladimir, Natalia, Sergei, or whomever, that they will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. In addition, we know that the work preformed by AM PM will be superior in quality and done when they say it will be done!

We are grateful to have a business relationship with the classy folks at AM PM and hope that relationship lasts for years to come!


Jeremy P. Grohman, CIC
Vice President & Director
Webb & Greer Insurance Agency Inc.

Jeremy P. Grohman, CICVice President & Director

A general contractor requested that CSC perform a moisture survey following a catastrophic water loss at a local valley hospital and verify building materials were free of visible mold at the end of the project. In the area of the loss, building materials were wet from the floor to the deck above. Wall cavities were insulated preventing the effectiveness of traditional drying methods.

Typically, CSC would request the removal of one side of the wall and the subsequent insulation followed by drying with air movers and dehumidifiers of the remaining building materials. However, the affected rooms were a finished product and the contractor did not want to fall behind schedule, therefore, AM/PM was contracted by the client and requested to dry the materials in place if possible. To accomplish this, AM/PM utilized a hear injection drying system within the affected wall. A series of small holes were drilled to inject hoses that were attached to the heat drying system and several exhaust holes were cut at the top of the wall cavity above the t-grid ceiling.

CSC returned to the site after two days following the installation of the drying system and observed that the affected walls were dry, reducing the need for demolition and reconstruction. The contractor only had minor touch-up repairs to make, thereby enabling the client to remain on schedule.

I would highly recommend AM/PM and the use of their heat injection drying system where time and/or business disruptions are of concern.

Robert E. Crawley, CIEC
Clark Seif Clark, Inc.
1553 W. Todd Drive, Suite 201
Tempe, AZ 85283

Robert E. Crawley, CIEC Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC)

“AM/PM Water damage restoration services provided Arizona Mills water damage restoration after the June 18, 2009 fire at Arizona Mills.

AM/PM was very diligent on having their staff respond immediately with all the professional service required to re open our Mall on a timely manner. Natalia and Sergei were extremely professional throughout the entire time they performed their excellent job. They kept us well informed of all issues and kept an excellent level of communication via phone and emails. Sergei never kept us uninformed of any items. We were always well informed even on slightest items or situations.

AM/PM responded quickly professionally and at all time kept a reasonable cost with no surprises or hided cost. They kept their work well organized with no up selling cost.

We have AM/PM on our preferred vendor list with their certificate of Insurance and will use them in any other emergency we have. ”

Lowenski M. Garcia
Director of Operations

Lowenski M. GarciaDirector of Operations, Arizona Mills

Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC), an indoor environmental testing and industrial hygiene consulting firm, has worked with AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services, LLC on multiple projects over the past two years. These projects varied from water damage mitigation (including category 3 black water), to mold abatement, and to reconstruction. In each situation, we have found AM/PM to be timely, knowledgeable, and competent in achieving drying, abatement, and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) goals based on industry guidelines and standards.

Recently, CSC worked with AM/PM in a commercial, medical building, where there were multiple challenges that needed to be addressed. On this particular project, AM/PM was hired by a property management company to address a category 3 water loss in a family physicians office. However, once a through inspection was performed by AM/PM, a significant amount of pre-existing mold was found, which also needed to be addressed. There were other convoluting factors AM/PM had to manage as well including but are not limited to: coordinating 3rd party asbestos testing, considering multiple medical tenants in adjacent occupied suites, coordination and communication with all parties involved, distinguishing and separating services between two different claims for the management company (one for mold and one for water mitigation and the reconstruction), relocating the physician’s practice, securing patient’s medical records, and managing security and disposal for medicines stored in the suites.

In working with AM/PM on various projects from their start to their completion, CSC has found AM/PM to display quality workmanship and outstanding customer care. We recommend AM/PM Water Damage Restoration for the above referenced City of Glendale quotation without reserve or variance.

Thank you,

Derrick A. Denis, CIAQP, CAC, CIEC, WRT
V.P. Indoor Environmental Quality
Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC)

Derrick A. Denis, CIAQP, CAC, CIEC, WRTV.P. Indoor Environmental Quality Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC)

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the services that AM PM has provided to Tri-City Mechanical.

AM PM has always been able to respond to water remediation emergencies within the hour, saving Tri-City thousands of dollars in property damage. Your field supervisors are professional, knowledgeable and are able to create a plan of action quickly. Then communicate that plan of action to the owner and/or the general contractor.

Natalia, the field personnel, and the office staff have always worked together to keep me and our customers informed of any scope of work that needed to be done. Once completed, a full report was generated along with documentation regarding moister content, mold remediation and time lines. This documentation is crucial when dealing with insurance companies and our customers.

I would like to personally thank you and also on behalf of our Project Managers, Superintendents and Foremen.”


Mark Klingensmith
Director of Safety/Risk Management
Tri-City Mechanical

Mark KlingensmithDirector of Safety/Risk Management Tri-City Mechanical/Comfort Systems USA

Dear Natalia,

Thank you for your continued support of the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance especially during our Send Hunger Packing campaign. Due to the fact that many people leave the Phoenix area for the summer, food donations decrease while the need for food increases. The fact that AM/PM Water Damage Restoration continues to answer our call for support is inspiring. Your recent gift of $50 will allow us to distribute 350 meals! Amazing!

The summer months are especially challenging for those in our community who have been hit hard by unemployment and underemployment and their increased costs of feeding their children all day, every day, until school begins again. With that said our current demand for food is up 70% over the last 2 years. Todays’ economic challenges have forces some of last year’s Food Bank donors to be this year’s recipients.

We are truly honored and humbled with your priority to help ensure that everyone has enough to eat. Your support is very much appreciated-not only by those of us who work to eliminate hunger but by the millions of families served by the Food Bank.

Again, thank you for entrusting St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance with your donation and becoming a Partner in our work.


Christina Calio
Business Development Officer

Christina CalioBusiness Development Officer St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

Last week we had two of your men working in our office on some restoration work that we needed due to water damage. Both gentlemen were very courteous and did an excellent repair job. They had to remove dry wall in two areas, replace it, tape, texture and paint. The texture work is what impresses me the most. It is spot on, you can not tell that there was ever damage. That is very difficult to do. The paint (which is a horrible color to begin with), also matches perfectly. I have kept your information incase I should ever need your services again and would not hesitate to use your company professionally or personally.

Thanks for the great work!

Thank you,

Melissa Van Dyke
eFA Division Buyer
Daifuku America

Melissa Van Dyke eFA Division Buyer Daifuku America

Reluctantly we bought a home in Scottsdale AZ. that had been smoked in for 20 years, had several dogs, cats and birds. After the purchase we started calling companies trying to get these odors removed. Unfortunately most of the companies could not guarantee there work and were very leery about the odorless outcome, except your company. As far as we are concerned, you and your company diagnosed the problem, set up a plan of action, step by step, followed the program perfectly and got the job done in a professional and systematic way, ON TIME. There are no smells at all anymore and we are thrilled to have met you. My husband and I are licensed Real Estate agents in Arizona since 1996 and wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Thanks for all your help.
Enid Seeger
John Hall & Associates

Enid Seeger John Hall & Associates

To whom it may concern:

We have been working with AM/PM Water Damage Restoration for about 3 years. We are a general contractor and focus mainly on insurance restoration work. Over this period of time we have followed AM/PM, doing the put back after they have done the remediation on over 100 jobs. We are familiar with their work and standards.

It is with high regard that we write this letter. It is our experience that AM/PM is a very hard working and ethical company. They have a high level of competency in the work they do. They are up to date on the all the latest mitigation techniques, and seek to constantly better themselves through continuing education. They strive to make each customer happy with the work they perform by being responsive and quick. They are the hardest working company in the industry.

We’d have no problem recommending AM/PM to our friends or family. They have been a pleasure to work with.

Jeff Olsen
Vice President

Jeff OlsenVice President Lightning Construction Inc.

“I wanted to say thank you for the work your company completed at ASU Memorial Union for me. It was a pleasure to work with you, and the response was incredible. The issues are worked out thanks to your quick response, and expertise. I would like to know what your company’s boundaries are, HACI is currently completing projects throughout Arizona, and it would be good to know if your company serves the same area. Thank you once again.”


Mike Bocook
Project Engineer
HACI Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Mike BocookProject Engineer HACI Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

To whom this may concern:

I was stunned! It was late afternoon and our waterbed had sprung a huge leak and was quickly emptying all of its contents into our bedroom. Panicked all I could think of was I’ve got to Google for a company that could handle water clean-up and restoration. Something like this had never happened to us before!

The first company on top was AM PM Water Damage Restoration Services, LLC. I clicked their site first. It was very professional and thorough. I called and spoke to Rita Biner their Operations Manager. She was such a relief. She patiently listened to me as I described the situation. She was very calm, soothing and efficient. She took the time to explain what will need to be completed to get the bedroom back in shape. On the strength of her knowledge and calming effect I confidently scheduled an appointment. After setting the appointment I did take a cursory tour of some other companies listed but realized I had already made the right choice.

AM PM were terrific! Their personnel came out as scheduled and on-time. They had all of the up-to-date equipment to do the job completely and professionally. Their service providers were punctual, professional and very pleasant to interact with. Like Rita, they took the time to answer any questions or concerns we had. We were such novices at dealing with such a situation but they were patient and allowed us to voice any worries we had.

I highly recommend using AM PM Water Damage Restoration Services for any water damage problems you may have.

La Don M. Livingston

La Don M. Livingston Homeowner Independent Legal Services

Everything was great! The staff (Sergei and Tyson) were professional, efficient and very responsive to all managements concerns and questions. They kept the area clean and free of debris and were very courteous to the tenant in keeping the noise down while setting up the equipment.

We look forward to working with AM/PM in the future.

Thank you again.

Pam Zachgo
Sr. Property Manager
Designated Broker
Nova Management Company

Pam Zachgo Sr. Property Manager Designated Broker Nova Management Company

To: AM/PM Water Damage Restoration

I have replied on Natalia to provide excellent service to Midstate and to our customers. I find she is very responsive to any questions that we may have. She has provided excellent service in the past and has always proven to be absolutely professional. The work was thorough and their collective efforts exceeded my expectations. You and your team serve as the standard for others in the industry to emulate.

Thank you for helping us when called upon.


Darin Shell
General Manager Service Division

Darin Shell General Manager Service Division Midstate Mechanical, Inc.

To whom it may concern,

“I have been working with AM/PM Water Damage Restoration for 4 years and have had tremendous experience with them. Their response time is what they guarantee, which is IMMEDIATE, helping save my clients and American Family money. AM/PM is family owned and my clients as well as my staff like that. There has always been an extra bit of personal interest and attention to my agency’s water claims and my clients have been grateful for that.

AM/PM is also very good at keeping all parties updated and informed as well as educating us on how to prevent further damage in case of a water emergency. Measures like that help prevent mold and other more serious events that can cause further damage and cost. They have even gone out of their way to give free advice to my clients on various aspects of water damage and mold prevention. They also hand out literature to agents, agency staff and clients on different ways to prevent water damage emergencies in their homes.

I sincerely appreciate everything AM/PM Water Damage Restoration has done for my clients.”

Andrew M. Dupey
Andrew M Dupey Agency
11144 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. #113
Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Andrew M. Dupey Insurance Agent American Family Insurance

To whom it may concern.

“I am writing this letter to show my approval of AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services. I have worked with AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services and Natalia Biner for several years now. I have recommended them to many of my clients and each and every time the response has been quick and honest. I love the fact that this is a family run business, I think that shines through in how they treat their customers, our clients.

My experience has shown them to be quick to the scene, in many cases within one to two hours after receiving the call. I also appreciate that after every referral I receive a phone call from AM/PM updating me on the status of the client and letting me know the big picture.

I have also found their estimating to be fair and to the point. They do not elevate the amount because the insurance company is paying.

AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services has great concern for people and they know what they are doing. They would make a great addition to American Family’s HRP list.”

Gregg Bonn

American Family Insurance

Gregg Bonn Insurance Agent American Family Insurance

To Whom It May Concern.

“My Agency has worked with Natalia Biner and her firm, AM/PM Water Damage Restoration Services, LLC for the past six years. In working with them, I have found that their emergency recovery team responds immediately, when a claim is called in, and are promptly on-site within one hour of notification. Their technicians are very professional, courteous, and do outstanding work for my insured, when they are faced with a water loss or a mold damage situation at their homes. Our clients have always been very happy with the service they have received. Therefore, I recommend that they be considered for the Home Repair Program without reserve.”


Thomas Boughton
American Family Insurance
(480) 497-0842

Thomas Boughton Insurance Agent American Family Insurance

To Whom it May Concern:

“Your team has been a GREAT HELP with our 2 buildings. It’s just really nice you can count on professional people who know what they are doing and are willing to help you no matter what! It really makes a difference in our job!”

Thank you!!”
Rosie Aguilera
Grubb and Ellis Management

Rosie Aguilera Assistant Property Manager Grubb and Ellis Management Services, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you stopping by to follow up on your service. It is great to know there are still companies out there that believe in the meaning of true customer service and how much that it appreciated by us here at Waste Management!

Have a wonderful day.

Thank you,

Dani Bose
Administrative Assistant – RMC
Waste Management

Dani Bose Administrative Assistant – RMC Waste Management.