Slideshow Gallery #1 – AM/PM was hired to decontaminate and dispose of the HVAC system for an airplane hangar due to the departure of a major plane manufacturing company. The system was very used for 10+ years and with no decontamination prior to this. Special systems and procedures had to be utilized to perform the work.

Slideshow Gallery #2 – AM/PM was hired to remediate the microbial growth in the common and occupied areas of the building. The source of the leak was a plumbing pipe for the laboratory located on the upper floor of the building. AM/PM was required to use variety of engineering controls in order to remedy the problem. The building is a LEED accredited building and required certain procedures and materials to be used during the build back in order to maintain that accreditation. AM/PM achieved all its goals and finished the project with no problems and clear results after the air quality testing was performed.

Slideshow Gallery #3 – AM/PM responded to a water intrusion at a valley hotel. The flood occurred due to a ruptured fire suppression system located on the 4th floor. The water ran for over 6 hours and affected 82 out of 86 rooms. Upon arrival, AM/PM technicians and supervisors were faced with multiple obstacles. Some of the obstacles included no available power need for over large quantities of equipment and the need to get the project completed as soon as possible to allow the General Contractor to maintain their schedule goals. AM/PM was able to overcome all the obstacles and take care of the structure.



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