Fire Damage Restoration

The two most important steps to restore a fire-ravaged property and save it from further damage are: To have a professional restoration service on site immediately after the fire is put out – time is of the essence. And to have that service possess the trust and expertise to make “key decisions” for recovering damaged property.

AM/PM Restoration Services, LLC strives to be on site within 1 hour of contact to recover your property from fire and water, protect it from further damage AND rebuild your home or office structures to pre-existing conditions. With 40+ years of restoration experience, our technicians have advanced training and certifications, seasoned decision-making skills and tactical procedures to best approach your critical situation.smokesuit

In the event of a fire or water emergency, we recommend that you take precautions to ensure your safety and the mitigation of property damage.

AM/PM Procedural Overview
1. Arrive on scene. Assess the situation. Set recovery procedure
2. Remove all water and unsalvageable materials
3. Document contents and pack-out items (e.g., Furniture, Rugs) for cleaning/repair
4. Dry or treat affected structures and all salvageable contents
5. Eliminate residual smoke and odors
6. Rebuild property structures to pre-existing conditions

AM/PM Specialty Licenses & Certifications
• ROC#277854 (K-05 dual license for water damage prevention and material removal)
• ROC#277852 (KB-02 dual license for Commercial and Residential construction)
• IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Tech (SRT)
• IICRC Water Restoration Technician (WRT)
• IICRC Applied Structural Drying (ASD)
• IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)
• IICRC Certified Mold Remediator (CMR)
• IICRC Building Inspector (AHERA)
• IICRC General Contractor (GC)

AM/PM Case Study: Local AZ Mall Burns and Floods
AM/PM recently responded to a fire at a local outlet mall. Fire and water damage ravaged 27 suites and the common areas that they share. AM/PM rapidly mitigated the damage and had the mall open for business within several hours of the loss. The director of operations endorsed AM/PM and stated, “[They] are an exceptional and professional contractor who helped us re-open our mall in less than a couple of hours for business after the June 18, 2009 fire. We have AM/PM as our preferred vendor for Fire-Water Restoration.”Expert Investigation

A large part of what goes into successful disaster recovery is asking the right questions. No two fires are the same! Neither are the fire retardation effects. So AM/PM approaches fire disaster recovery with these crucial preliminary questions:

1. What kind of fire was it (e.g., electrical, wildfire, grease)?
2. What type of facility (e.g., daycare, warehouse)?
3. How was it suppressed (e.g., water, foam, Halon)?
4. What contents were in the burning building (e.g., pesticides, newspaper)?
5. How quickly do you need the facility open (e.g., for retail, operations, living)?

Safeguarding Your Property

Once the initial clean up has been addressed, our technicians will secure your property by boarding up windows, securing doors, erecting a fence, and covering firefighting holes in the structure. These precautions will protect your property from looters and unfavorable weather conditions that can cause additional damage.

Documenting The Scene

As your restoration contractor, our technicians will take plenty of photographs, as well as video and help you inventory items that have been destroyed and damaged. Then we will pack-out the damaged items to be cleaned or repaired.

Secondary Damage and Mold Growth Prevention

In most fires, firefighters use at least some water to quench the flames. Wet building materials will grow mold in the right conditions within 24-48 hours. In order to avoid this additional damage, it is imperative that wet structural materials be dried out as quickly as possible. The AM/PM Disaster Recovery team will employ high-performance fans and dehumidifiers to dry the building materials very rapidly, thereby reducing the chances for secondary damage and mold to develop.

Mold Remediation

Mold may grow if access to the home is unavailable for some time. This condition can be determined visually and by testing the air and affected structural materials by a third party, certified Indoor Air Quality Professional. If it’s been determined that you have mold growth in your home, our IICRC certified mold abatement technicians will remove the mold as per Industry standards and then proceed with the fire damage restoration process.

Cleaning of Contents

Chemicals from smoke residues can permanently stain or change surface finishes in your home. As a qualified fire-restoration contractor, AM/PM Restoration Services, LLC is experienced in smoke residue and soot clean up and will save as many of your personal items as possible.

Odor Removal

Another consideration after a fire is odor. Odors can extend beyond the footprint of the fire. AM/PM will address and eliminate any odor that has permeated your home through various methods including: cleaning, paint sealing, treatment with hydroxyl radicals or ozone.

Rebuilding Fire-damaged Property

Once the smoke damage has been addressed, AM/PM Restoration will rebuild your home to it’s pre-existing condition. Repairs may range from a small electrical repair to rebuilding the house from the ground up. As a licensed General Contractor we aim to rebuild your property and bring you home as quickly as possible.

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