Reconstruction After A Loss: Challenges To Be Aware Of Before Repairing a Tenant’s Suite.


Once the immediate damage from a water, fire, mold, or asbestos incident has been addressed and remediated, the next step in the restoration process is the reconstruction of the affected areas.

As a licensed and experienced General Contractor, AM/PM would like to share a few items for your consideration that routinely create challenges, and offer some proactive steps to ensure everyone’s expectations are met.

Here are some common misconceptions that clients may have regarding the reconstruction of their suite:

a. Replacement Materials Can Be Easily Obtained: The availability of replacement building materials is a factor that tends to be overlooked. It is a common assumption that most flooring materials can be picked up at your local warehouse, when in fact, many flooring materials come from out-of-state and therefore require ample time for freight shipping, and are sometimes delayed.

b. Matching the New With The Old: Newer building materials, such as carpeting, vinyl cove base, etc. can be easily obtained and matched to the original. This is not always the case. For example, carpet is produced in batches and depending on the concentration of colors and threads, the pattern may look different from one batch to next. Here’s where the challenge would occur:

on the concentration of colors and threads, the pattern may look different from one batch to next. Here’s where the challenge would occur:
Let’s say that a tenant completed a T/I 5 months ago and installed carpet squares in their suite.

Due to water loss, they had to dispose of some of the carpet squares and obtain new ones. The same carpet was ordered and shipped to the location. When it arrived, it looked just like the carpet that was installed there before, the make and model was identical.

However, during the installation, what becomes evident is that the small grey design that is present on all the tiles was just slightly lighter in color; and, because it was weaved into the middle of the room, it created a very noticeable difference.

This is very common, when the tenant or client chooses to order replacement tiles for only the amount of material that was removed due to damage and not for the entire room.

Based on the situations that we’ve presented, it is very important to recognize that a rapid recovery is sometimes not dependent on the contractor. Clear, upfront, communication often helps to avoid these types of situations.

Whenever possible, contractors and clients should take the time to acquire samples and verify a match is possible and contractors should provide their clients with several options that they can pick from to restore their facility..


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