Our History: An American Dream
AM/PM’s company origins are of that which American dreams are made. Founder Vladimir (Vlad) Biner grew up in Russia, where he went to medical school and became a practicing dentist for many years under Soviet rule. He married business-minded Rita and began raising daughter Natalia, until immigrating to the US in 1979 – excited to start a new, free life. Though once across the Atlantic, their dreams of building a successful dentistry ended when Vlad’s credentials didn’t match American requirements (and his English wasn’t strong enough to attend medical school). So Vlad turned to construction work, where he would learn conversational English by day while taking academic English classes at night.

Eventually – after honing his skills as a dentist working with precision equipment, then mastering the ins-and-outs of building construction – Vlad was ready to take the leap as an entrepreneur. So with the dedicated efforts of wife and daughter by his side, Vlad started the AM/PM Restoration company in Arizona: A one truck and two-man response and recovery unit! That small outfit started over 15 years ago. And now… AM/PM has grown into a highly respected “go-to” business for some of the top commercial and educational institutions in the state (including University of Phoenix Stadium and ASU). It certainly didn’t happen overnight, and many lessons have contributed to the company’s success, including the experience of surviving their own family flood disaster (see A Personal Message from Vlad & Family).

Over the years, AM/PM has been expanding its facilities and service areas, adopting and conducting advanced training for its technicians and employing state-of-the-art equipment. Their staff has become experts in rapid emergency response, the disaster recovery process, dealing with the trauma of crisis and making billing and insurance claims hassle-free. And best of all, AM/PM Restoration, LLC continues to grow and prosper in Arizona under its original family leadership for over a decade and a half.

A Personal Message from Vlad & Family
“We know what it’s like to have our home flooded. It happened to our family. We were on vacation in San Diego, when a pipe burst in our home. When we returned, we can still remember the standing water throughout the house, 2400 sq. ft. of wood flooring, buckled and swollen, the walls were so wet in some areas that that you could put your finger right through the drywall, not to mention all of the personal keepsakes that were ruined. It was devastating.

We keep this experience in mind when we step in to your home or business. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will support you through every step of your disaster recovery process from the very first moment that you call us with your loss, through the entire restoration process to coordinating the final billing with your insurance carrier. We will be there every step of the way, to answer every question and address your every need, alleviating the stress and worry that a disaster at your property could cause.”.


AM/PM Extends A Limited Offer:

$49.95 On-Site Mold Damage Inspection: Complete with a thorough assessment of any damage discovered and recommendation on recovery actions.